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A truely modernised clinic

At B&H Xiao JB Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Centre, our mission is to provide our patients with practitioners with the heart of parents. Our clinic team seeks to offer the best service with sincerity, compassion and perseverance to deliver the best results. Our decades of clinical experience in Australia is insightful for us to effectively enrich our patient’s lives. Our ultimate goal and hope is unlock the healing potential of every one of those who place their faith in us and in particular for fertility-aged couples to become parents. 

This clinic has been open for 31 years. For 31 years, we have resolved a plethora of patient conditions and won their appreciation and trust. Especially when it comes to treating infertility, we have helped with over 1300 cases of pregnancies that brought happiness and prosperity to thousands of families. We will continue to modernise this clinic and stay true to our traditional herbal medicine roots, we welcome you to a truly moderised clinic.

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